Day-care Search

Are you looking for day-care or nursery for you child and have underestimated how much time it would take? We can help you with your search.

Day-Care Search with Maternita – How does it work?

Commission and research


We email you a questionnaire asking to provide us with important information that will define your search criteria, or we can arrange a meeting for a free initial consultation in our office, where we can discuss the details together.

If you decide to hire us, we send you our general terms and conditions and an invoice for the search. As soon as the checklist and deposit have been received, we can begin the search.


We research appropriate day-care based on the information you provide us with, and include as many of your criteria as possible. If you have already contacted some day-cares, please provide us with a list of names so that we can avoid duplicate enquiries. We begin contacting day-cares, adding your name to waiting lists or completing any necessary registration forms.

We make the initial contact with day-care providers on your behalf. If one or more institution has capacity for your child, all subsequent contact will go through you. Ultimately you, your child and the day care are the only ones who can decide if the situation fits.

Budget and cost planning


We suggest a 4 hour minimum of time booked with us for a day-care search. If you are looking for day-care for 2 children, we suggest 5 hours. This time includes research based on your criteria, initial contact with the day-care centre, any other initial communication, and the completion of necessary registration forms. Should your signature or input be necessary for any paperwork, we will send you the forms and ask you to provide the relevant information and return them to us.

We will keep you monthly updated on the progress of day-care search regularly and will contact you immediately if a day-care has capacity for your child.

If are unable find any day-care with capacity within the allotted 4 or 5 hours, we will arrange a follow-up with you to discuss if and how you would like us to proceed with the search, including discussing the possibility of alternative care arrangements. This allows you to have a clear overview of any additional costs.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that a day-care facility will be found for your desired start-dates. If we use less than the agreed number of hours for the search, we will only charge you for the hours used.

We connect you, your child and the Kita

If we find a day-care facility with available space for your child or children, a one-time finder’s fee per child will be payable in addition to the service costs. This amount will be charged on the final invoice.

In the interest of all parents and the day-care s we contact, where possible we will remove you from any waiting lists as soon as you have found a day-care for your child, to allow others to move up the waiting list.

If this sounds like a solution you could use, please get in touch through our contact form or by writing an email to kita (at)